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5 Reasons to Buy a Rental Car

Most of us shy away from buying a car that was used as a rental. Rather, when you walk into a used vehicle dealer like Empire Auto Group, which is one of the most dependable used car dealers in London, Ontario; don't shy away from asking for vehicles that were used as rental. There are multiple reasons why you should do this. Read on to know more:

Relatively new vehicles:

Because of the nature of their business, most rental companies update their fleets regularly. They want to entice customers with newer cars therefore they buy the latest models and replace them within a few years. At times you might be able to find a rental vehicle that still has the new car smell. It might have more kilometers on it as compared to the same model that's available at some of the best-used car dealers in London Ontario. However, there is almost a guarantee that even with the higher odometer reading, the rental vehicle is well-maintained and would drive like new.

Great Maintenance:

The rental cars are meticulously maintained and serviced as per the manufacturer's recommendations. If you compare; these cars are serviced by the book as compared to privately owned vehicles because a rental company must have road-ready vehicles that can drive for long distances without any issues always. The upholstery, rugs, dashboards, and more are kept spick and span as well.


You can easily get hold of the service records or check Carfax details before you make the purchase. In fact, like the rental companies, all popular used car dealers in London, Ontario, or anywhere else, get their information from Carfax; it is a dependable source of information.

Fully Loaded, feature-packed vehicles:

Rental companies at times, end up buying vehicles that are fully loaded with all the frills. They tend to buy different variants of the same car to appeal to a wider audience. However, when it comes to selling, they don't usually charge for the extras and their pricing is inclusive of all the additional features.

Better pricing:

Since selling cars is not their main forte, they don't really haggle for price with a customer. They buy in bulk at a discounted rate; therefore, they sell in bulk at a lower rate as well.

Available at almost all best-used car dealers:

For instance, in London, Ontario, an inventory of best-used vehicles is made available at Empire Auto Group. Here you will be able to find rental cars as well. They may or may not be marked as a fleet vehicle, but you can always ask for those or check the Carfax to find out if they were used as a fleet or not.

Therefore, you are not limited to buying a car from a rental company; rather you can buy a fleet vehicle from a used vehicle dealer within your city, and with companies like Empire Auto Group, you also get exceptional service from certified and experienced mechanics

Walk in or contact us at Empire Auto Group and take your pick from a large inventory of best-used cars in London, Ontario.


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