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How to Choose the Right Used Car Dealership?

Choosing a car dealership or used-car dealer is not an easy task especially because it is a long-term and expensive commitment. You want to be aware, and well-informed to find a dealership that's fair and honest. As a used car dealer in London Ontario, who has been in the industry for over 27 years and has built a name, we; at Empire Auto Group, have certain pointers for you to keep in mind when you're searching for a car dealer or a used car dealer near you

1. The reputation of the used car dealer/car dealership:

You can tell a lot about a business by its philosophy, its reputation online, and word of mouth. You should look for companies with philosophies emphasizing customer satisfaction, integrity, ethics, and honesty.

As far as Google reviews etc. are concerned, yes! These reviews might not be 100% authentic because a lot of companies now buy them, but if you read through you can make out which ones are written by actual customers. These reviews do give you a gist of what kind of service to expect from the dealership. Also, read about dealerships on websites like Better Business Bureau. Search for auto dealers in London Ontario and get a list of companies from the area near you, as well as authentic reviews about them. Of course, the companies will have complaints but how these have been dealt with, give a lot of insight about the business and the customer service.

2. Explore inventories of auto dealers and used car dealers:


If you search for inventories of used car dealers in London Ontario, you'll see that Empire Auto Group has one of the most widespread inventories. This is important because a variety of brands on hand and the availability of different types of vehicles is a sign that the dealership is popular and tends to do repetitive business.

3. Infrastructure:

In terms of infrastructure, a modern dealership is well-designed, appropriately lit, airy, and comfortable. They always encourage you to walk around the lot to see what's available and you'll notice well-maintained, clean cars. This is a very important factor that tells you a lot about the dealership overall. As they say, 'the first impression is the last impression,' and a good business would always keep that in mind.

4. Atmosphere:

The atmosphere of the dealership should be inviting and welcoming. How employees greet you and how they behave with you tells a story about the place. Miserable employees are a major red flag. It is in fact an indication of careless and unconcerned management. If a dealership does not take care of their employees, how well do you think they would take care of the cars they have in stock, and how well would they treat customers once the sale is made?

5. Customer Service:

A good dealership always puts customers' needs first. They don't try pressurizing you into buying a particular car that you're not interested in or choosing a payment method that isn't good for you. Trust your instincts in this matter and pay attention to details.


At Empire Auto Group, we always put customers first and understand that it is not just a car for you; it is something precious that you put your hard-earned money into. We ensure that you always get a vehicle that suits your needs, fulfills your requirements, and fits your budget.

Along with all the above mentioned, always keep an eye out for any red flags. Word of mouth is also a very good way of knowing more about a dealership. Empire Auto Group is one of the leading used car dealers in London Ontario and we bring over 2 decades of experience and a multitude of loyal customers with us. This tells a tale about our services and expertise in pre-owned cars.

Give us a call or walk into our dealership today to find the car that's best suited for you. And if you can't find what you're looking for in the list, don't worry, we'll find it for you!


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